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Performance Leadership Skills

Breaking and inspiring insights into the global workspace; and the leadership skills that cultivate high-performance.

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All organisations are perfectly designed to get the results they are now getting. If we want different results, we must change the way we do things.

– Peter Drucker

Cultivate a high-performance culture

The difference between quarterly crunch-time performance, and year-round high performance is a difference in culture. 

As a leader, it’s paramount to cultivate a culture in which high performance is sustained.

Creating the environment in which that happens is a collective challenge leaders face worldwide; and with over 40 years of experience in making that happen we’re here to help.  





Engaging your people in a way where potential is championed, and departments are inspired to creatively collaborate as opposed to quietly corroborate is the transformational gateway towards ‘Performance Leadership’ in your business.

The Performance Curve™

The Performance Curve™ is our proprietary, industry-proven indicator that precisely pinpoints where leaders are on their journey towards a high performance culture.

The Performance Curve model illustrates an organizations' culture depending on performance and potential

The current leadership climate


Leaders worldwide in recent years mutually feel the urge to embark on a journey towards transformational performance leadership; and statistics illustrate precisely that, when observing Gallup’s recent (August 2023) research into global workplaces.


  • Trust in leadership is at an all-time low


    Less than ¼ (23%) of employees “Strongly Agree” that they trust in the leadership of the organizations they work at. This suggests that the majority (77%) feel professionally disenfranchised, and feel no reason to cultivate their potential.

  • There is an engagement crisis


    Only 31% of managers suggest that they’re engaged in the workspace; over the teams and projects they oversee. An eye opening 69% of teams and respective projects within organizations are potentially being overseen without engagement.

  • Organizational goals are detached from employee visions


    27% of employees “Strongly Agree” that their manager considers their views and skillsets when goal setting. (Which is up from an all-time low of 24% in September 2022) When employees aren’t congruent with the management team, internal friction dissuades a high-performance culture.

Performance leadership is essential

Gallup’s latest reports indicate why cultivating effective leadership skills within your organization is paramount

of employees do not “Strongly Agree” that they trust in the leadership of the organizations they work at.


of managers suggest that they’re not engaged in the workspace; over the teams and projects they oversee.


of employees do not “Strongly Agree” that their manager considers their views and skillsets when goal setting.

To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart. 

– Eleanor Roosevelt

The global opportunity

Engagementisn’t just the latest ‘here-and-gone’ HR keyword when discussing the journey towards ‘Performance Leadership’, it’s an essential pillar for businesses to focus on; and an essential skill for leaders to develop. 

Optimizing your leadership towards engagement reshapes your culture towards interdependence.


When you galvanize your people to explore their potential and lean into interdependence you fundamentally transform organizational performance. 

The ROI upshot

Inspiring reports from Gallup indicate the transformative impact effective leadership has on performance.


Delight the c-suite

Organizations with engaged employees have 147% higher earnings per share than their competitors.

Putting “Customer First”, first

Effective leadership skills that lead to customer-centric cultures experience a 5-10% increase in profitability.

Keeping the “H” in HR

Businesses with high employee-engagement experience 59% lower turnover and save vastly on turnover related expense.

Get to the “bottom line” of the bottom line

When organizations cultivate an engagement oriented culture, they experience 21% higher profitability compared to those with disengaged employees.

Engagement, leadership and culture 

Effective leadership cultivates a step-change in organizational performance that spans beyond the scope of ROI alone, it’s also transformative when it comes to staff retention and engagement

Engaged employees interacting during work

Beyond ROI

Sourced from Gallup are exciting insights as to how effective leadership spans beyond ROI.

Cultural connection

Employees that “Strongly Agree” that their leadership illustrates to them how their impact positively changes the organization are 7.5x more likely to feel connected to their company culture.

Burnout alleviation and health

Employees that “Strongly Agree” they have trust in their leaders are 73% less likely to feel burned out at work.

End-user enrichment

Cultures that prioritize workforce-engagement have 12% higher customer satisfaction.

Employee retention

Gallup’s studies indicate that highly engaged and thriving employees are 59% less likely to actively search for a new job within the next year.