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Performance Curve

“Potential” seems intangible in today’s data-driven workforce – and that’s where the Performance Curve™ comes into play.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Peter Drucker

How to measure performance

Organizations often fall into one of two traps when trying to measure and improve performance: They define it in terms of specific metrics without understanding what drives it; or they fail to quantify it all.

The Performance Curve™ allows organizations to pinpoint where they are when it comes to performance, and offers insights on how to improve it.

Performance Curve model

The Performance Curve focuses on the collective mindset of an organizational culture. This mindset can determine the level of performance.

Each incremental move to the right yields increased productivity, innovation and agility.


The Performance Curve model illustrates an organizations' culture depending on performance and potential
Leaders exhibit one of four leadership styles: Reactive, Directive, Empowering or Transformational. The impact of these different styles on the culture of an organization is plain to see.

The Performance Curve™ journey

Showcased below is the engagement-driven organizational development journey along the Performance Curve™.

leader working with team collaboratively on a common goal

Leadership impact

Different parts of an organization can operate on different parts of the curve at the same time, which highlights the importance of having aligned goals and values.

This tool empowers organizations and individual leaders with heightened levels of awareness into their own leadership style and how this contributes to their team culture.

Leaders can also measure how evolved cultures of other teams inside their organization are.


Organizations can use this awareness to see what needs to change in order to improve performance.

Safety Performance Curve™

Cultures and behaviours impact high-risk or high-reliability organizations differently. The difference between a leader being impulsive or interdependent can be a matter of life or death.

Leadership skills and safety behaviours directly influence where an organization sits on the Safety Performance Curve™, demonstrating how people react to situations and take ownership of safety behaviours.


The Performance Curve image for leaders who work in high-safety needed environments.
The Safety Performance Curve™ focuses on the collective mindset of an organizational culture. Each incremental move to the right yields improved safety behaviour, performance and leadership effectiveness.