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Consulting Services

Tailor-made consulting and culture development services designed in partnership with you and your organization to achieve your goals.

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Performance Consultants shine a light on what it takes to create high performance and unpick the myths around coaching.


John McFarlane, Chairman and Independent Non-executive Director

Westpac and Former Chairman Barclays plc

Sustainable high-performance

Many organizations and teams want to achieve sustainable high performance by cultivating the potential of their people.

We foster genuine partnerships with organizations, prioritizing action over rhetoric.

Through our holistic approach, we seamlessly integrate solutions that drive sustainable growth and meaningful impact, ensuring your success is our shared journey.

A system that makes an organizational culture

Why us?

We do consulting a little differently.

As the pioneers of performance coaching with a deep understanding of the impact of coaching, we consult using coaching skills.

This deepens both our and the stakeholder’s understanding of the challenges ahead so we can get to the end goal quicker and more effectively.




We look at the whole of the living system (process, people, structures and systems) to support and sustain a new culture.


Whether it’s a full culture transformation or a specific approach to leadership development, our highly experienced consulting team can create a tailor-made solution that works for your organization.


High-performance cultures

Wherever you are in your journey, we can support you with change management that aligns your systems, processes, and people. Setting your vision, understanding your current culture, roadmapping the transformation, and working with you to embed and sustain high-performing teams.

Increased employee engagement

When engagement increases, performance increases. In this decade of quiet quitting, the engagement crises, and new generations driving change in the workplace, aligning your people with your goals, values, systems, and processes embeds change.

More effective leadership teams

Leaders who are aligned with an organization’s mission and vision, and motivated by it are more likely to increase their own performance as well as those around them. Change starts with your leaders.

Increased staff retention and talent attraction

Leadership development can have profound results when it comes to retaining staff, attracting talent and becoming a top-ranking, high-performing employer.

Performance Consultants is the real deal if you are looking to unleash the vast, untapped human potential in your organization to drive performance and productivity.

ACC (Associate Certified Coach) and Senior Director, Global Talent Identification & Development, Tupperware Brands Corporation
John Collingwood
Leadership development program participant feeling empowered

Transformational Leader

Increase performance and understand how to unlock others’ potential with the ultimate leadership development program.
Two executive individuals engaging in one to one coaching

Executive Coaching

Executives of leading organizations globally shape workforce cultures and performance, but they don’t get there alone. Coaching unlocks leaders’ potential and focuses behaviors to achieve goals.
A leader performing their Impact 360 Assessment

Impact 360

Increase performance and impact by understanding how your leaders are impacting the organization with our data-driven, practical measuring tool

As a repeat customer of Performance Consultants, I have seen their coaching work in action and how it transforms leaders and organizational culture.

Director, Global Talent & Organization Development, eBay
Thorsten Klein