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High-Performance Cultures

Unlock the insights global organizations are discovering for sustainable high-performance cultures.

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There’s an opportunity for organizations to become the platform through which people fulfill their potential.

Co-CEO, Performance Consultants

Tiffany Gaskell

Striving for excellence

High performance is one of the biggest challenges facing global businesses today.

Many organizations and teams want to achieve organizational excellence, but the competitor edge, is creating sustained high performance by unlocking the potential of their people.

The difference between quarterly crunch-time performance, and year-round high performance is a difference in culture. 

The world of work

The world of work has evolved and along with it, the need for leaders to have the right tools, mindset, and soft skills, is pivoting from a ‘nice to have’ to a necessity.

77% of the world’s workers are not feeling engaged according to Gallup

1 billion

1 billion people need to be trained in new and evolving skills according to the World Economic Forum


70% of the variance in engagement is a result of the management and leadership according to Managing Director of Gallup EMEA, Claire de Carteret

It is critical to understand that high-performance cultures are founded on a deep understanding of how we behave as human beings

Co-CEO, Performance Consultants

David Brown

The workplace challenge

Organizations often fall into one of two traps when trying to measure and improve performance: They define it in terms of specific metrics without understanding what drives it, or they fail to quantify it all.

The Performance Curve™ allows organizations to pinpoint where they are when it comes to performance and advises on how to improve it.

The Performance Curve™

The Performance Curve™ allows for organizations to pinpoint where they are when it comes to performance, and advises on how to improve it.

The Performance Curve model illustrates an organizations' culture depending on performance and potential

It was eye opening – I knew nothing about coaching, or these topics, and had never thought about the impact overall on the organisation.

I found the quality of topics and the two coaches very good – and I think every modern leader should be equipped with these contents.
Marketing Director, Davines Group

We had a true partnership with Performance Consultants who helped us every step of the way, from concept to launch to implementation and ongoing tracking.

CPPC, HR Business Partner, Mubadala, Abu Dhabi
Mari-Ann Kucharek


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Consulting services

Bespoke solutions to meet you where you are.
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Leadership development

Empower individuals with the leadership skills that build high-performance cultures.
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Coaching skills

Equip leaders with the coaching skills they need to create a culture of high performance.