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GROW Digital™

Dynamic digital learning for organizations to bring the GROW model into their workspace.

Employee using GROW Digital™, Performance Consultants' digital course on leadership coaching skills

The strongest case for following the GROW sequence with powerful coaching questions is that it is simple, flexible, and it works.

Sir John Whitmore

GROW learning for organizations

The GROW Digital™ curriculum has been curated with organizations in mind. Teams, departments and even whole organizations are welcome to immerse themselves into our leadership coaching ecosystem; anytime, anywhere.


Performance Consultants hold the honor of introducing organizations worldwide to the culture-shaping ‘coaching approach’ via our pivotal ‘GROW model’.



We’ve reimagined GROW core teachings for self-paced digital learning so teams can experience breakthrough coaching methodologies tailored entirely to their own schedule. 



‘Leadership coaching’ skills at scale


GROW Digital™ has been masterfully curated to bring organizations the best of our in-house leadership coaching expertise. 

The GROW model has been leveraged by leading academic institutes (Harvard) and tech companies (Google) to cultivate engaged in-house performance and innovation. 

It’s ‘Action Learning’ based. Sitting concisely at 12 modules across 6 months, we don’t drown organizations with technical jargon and theory; instead, we engage them with empowering, actionable lessons that they can apply to their workspace and lifestyle starting day one. 


  • Flexible

    GROW Digital™ is an untethered learning experience learners can access across all their devices. They can start a lesson on their desktop and pick it up from where they left it on their mobile phone on the go.

  • Self-paced

    Learners can immerse themselves into ‘leadership coaching’ at an entirely self-paced rate; GROW Digital™ doesn’t impose restrictive deadlines, it’s a digital learning experience that matches their learning cadence.

  • Actionable

    Instead of arduous and cascading theory and literature, GROW Digital™ provides learners with immediately actionable lessons and insights that they can deploy into their workspace.

  • Cultural

    GROW Digital™ is the perfect catalyst for executives to ignite the ‘leadership coaching’ culture to their talent en masse. Multi-licensing options mean that businesses can deploy GROW Digital™ to teams, departments, or even their entire organization.

My team has reacted positively to the coaching approach, I’ve seen tremendous growth in them over the past 9 months.

…Of my team of 11; 7 have received promotions since the beginning of this program.


Executive Leader
GROW Digital™ learner

GROW Digital™ specification

Explore the details about GROW Digital™ entry requirements, compatibility and format


  • Entry requirements

    None; GROW Digital™ has been developed for beginners to the world of ‘coaching leadership’ in mind

    However, the course can also be leveraged as a ‘refresher’ to GROW skills


  • Compatibility

    Teams can experience GROW Digital™ across desktops, smartphones and tablets.


  • Format

    This course is structured across 12 self-paced digital learning modules


  • Corporate group offerings

    Group licences can be purchased for organization rollout as well as:

    Live GROW facilitation option:

    For organizations, we can provide live group sessions to accompany the self-paced modules.

    GROW train the trainer (TTT):

    We can train your in-house trainers to facilitate live GROW sessions internally in your organization


GROW learnings

Here’s an “at a glance” breakdown of the GROW model key learnings as featured in GROW Digital™



The GROW Digital™ learning experience is spread across 12 self-paced modules


Orientation & Mindset

1 – Orientation
2 – Coaching Leadership Mindset
3 – Powerful Questions
4 – Active Listening

About the GROW model

5 – The GROW model
6 – G is for Goal
7 – R is for Reality
8 – O is for Options
9 – W is for Will

Feedback & Growth

10 – Conscious Agreements
11 – GROW Feedback Framework™
12 – Being a Leader Coach

Insights & Features

*facilitated upon enquiry

GROW model insights

Comprehensive insights into the famous GROW model, and lessons on how your teams can apply it to the workspaces of today

Competitive differential

Training on competitive mindset secrets and key ‘leadership coaching’ skills that differentiate your organizations professional toolbelt

Exclusive community

Access to an exclusive community of participants for your teams to share their learning journeys

Development certification

A ‘Professional Development’ Certification upon completion for your teams to add to their portfolios

All-in-one, flexible platform

Industry-leading digital learning tools and resources to optimize your teams’ experience on a platform that’s compatible across all devices, so they can learn actively, on the go

GROW skills at scale*

GROW Digital™ can be distributed to teams, departments or your whole organization

GROW Digital™ live*

We can facilitate live team sessions in tandem with self-paced learning

TTT – “Train the Trainer”*

We can train your in-house trainers to facilitate live GROW sessions internally in your organization

Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond GROW

Leadership development program participant feeling empowered

Transformational Leader pathway

Go beyond GROW and cultivate your leadership and organizational culture with our industry-leading ‘Transformational Leader’ pathway.
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Become a certified leader coach

Our Performance Coach Certification program offers you gold-standard training that ignites your journey towards becoming a world-class executive coach.