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Elevate safety performance

Discover insights into the emerging topics in high-risk environments on the road to high, sustainable safety performance.

Construction worker maintaining safety

“For the very first time in my long career in construction, yesterday a worker approached me, reporting a safety issue and suggesting specific improvements. I always wanted this to happen, and it never happened before”

CCC, Saudi Arabia, Construction Manager

“It’s the modern way of doing health & safety”

Linde Engineering, May 2019

Striving for safety culture excellence

Along with the pressures of improving safety records, reducing incidents, and striving for safety culture excellence, the responsibility of safety within high-risk organizations is an extraordinary challenge.

Research found that a coaching approach adopted by leaders in high-risk working environments had a positive outcome on safety performance.



So how do we move safety culture beyond manuals, instructions, and standard operating procedures, to a people-centred high performance approach?

Safe employees on site

Building a high-performing safety culture

A high-performance safety culture is one in which people feel genuinly being cared for, to participate in the safety program and demonstrate ownership for their own and others’ safety.

The greatest influencers of an organization’s culture are its leaders: it is their behaviours that create the conditions for performance. Command and control approaches of traditional management show their limitation in low, or plateauing safety performance. This is where Coaching for Safety Performance comes in.

Leaders that can demonstrate genuine care, have non-judgemental learning conversations and hold the belief that their people are the solution will move their teams towards an interdependent safety culture and build the foundation for excellent safety performance.

Sustainable safety excellence

Experiential leadership training delivers behavioural change to leaders and managers that embed sustainable performance, increasing safety awareness and ownership.

Transformational leadership skills

By taking a coaching approach, leaders and managers can embed safety behaviours that create an environment of trust and psychological safety and will support their organizations to evolve from a safety culture of compliance towards high levels of awareness, mutual support and ownership for safety.

Transformational leaders in safety will have deep and meaningful safety conversations, creating high levels of safety awareness and responsibility and will hold teams accountable for continuous learning and safety performance.

Measurable impact

With evidence-based approaches and tools that emphasize measurement and evaluation, we can demonstrate the impact of behavior and cultural change to your senior leaders, c-suite and participants.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.
Coaching pioneer and Co-founder of Performance Consultants
Sir John Whitmore