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Coaching for Safety Performance

Proven safety impact through behavioural change

Safe employees on site

This training is life-changing.



Larsen & Toubro, Health & Safety Manager, Saudi Arabia, November 2023


Immediate Safety impact

The greatest influencers of an organization’s culture are its leaders. It is their behaviours that create the conditions for high safety performance.

Our experiential program means that participants will leave with new safety coaching leadership skills and behaviours which they can implement immediately. Teams will see and appreciate the different way of leading and communicating within days.

Through working with our specialized facilitators, able to deliver in over 20 languages, leaders and managers will develop authentic coaching behaviours that embed sustainable safety performance and cultural change.


Coaching for Safety Performance teaches leaders a practical approach to develop safety culture and improve safety performance.


Transformational leadership skills

Leaders will understand how to build trust and create an environment of learning, caring and psychological safety through applying coaching skills. This will result in an increased quantity and quality of leadership interactions in safety.

Ownership for safety

Through a shift towards a human and people-centred approach and applying practical leadership skills that create impact, clear ownership and trust in the organization’s safety program emerge. Team members will align with business goals and vision, will increasingly notice, speak up and be empowered to take action.

Sustainable safety performance

Highly engaged and involved teams will actively participate in the design and implementation of the corporate safety program. Empowered by the new approach to leadership, team members jointly take responsibility for safe behaviour, the prevention of incidents and continuous learning to achieve excellent safety performance.

Enhanced organization culture

Employees and contractors will unite around the common themes of care, trust and collective participation in safety, which are the enablers for an organization to move towards an interdependent safety culture. Silos are broken down and the potential of the business for collaboration and taking shared responsibility for safety are unlocked.

This training really is one of the most well-thought-out training programs I’ve been involved with. It makes you think throughout, and in my opinion, will affect our performance in a positive way.

Manager, Linde Construction
James M. Suddarth

Start the journey

Increase safety performance, awareness and ownership by bringing this program into your organization. You can also apply to join our half-day online showcase event, with no obligation, to see if it could work for you.

Construction worker maintaining safety

Apply to attend

Request your place on the next Coaching for Safety Performance showcase event, and find out how coaching skills can positively impact your safety performance (participation is complimentary and subject to qualification).
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Bring us into your organization

We’ll meet you where you are to help you achieve your goals. Get in touch and we can create a tailored approach to help with your safety performance goals.

Frequently asked questions

  • What will I learn? Course Content

    Coaching for Safety Performance provides the perfect balance of learning concepts and applying them in interactive sessions. Set in the context of real work situations so that you’re able to apply the tools and insights immediately in your workplace.

    You’ll learn:

    – The mindset and skills of a transformational leader and coach in safety

    How to:

    – successfully apply this in your daily work and in practical safety applications

    – make difficult conversations constructive

    – ask ‘powerful questions’ and ‘listen actively’

    – create awareness and ownership for safety

    – inspire learning and create trust

  • Can training be provided in different languages?

    Yes, we can deliver in over 20 different languages on request, please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Where has Coaching for Safety Performance worked before?

    Performance Consultants has delivered this program in safety- critical organisations around the world, in the construction, engineering, nuclear sectors and more. Read about how a safety coaching culture has positively impacted our client Linde Engineering in our detailed case study .

  • What are the pre-requisites for this program?

    There are no prerequisites for this program. However, we ask all participants to come with a “beginner’s mind”, open to a new way of thinking, and willing to let go of old ways of doing things.

  • What is the typical program structure? Is there flexibility?

    Typically, the program is structured as a 3-month learning journey. After an initial 2-day workshop, you will instantly apply your new skills in the workplace, supported by assignments and monthly follow-up calls with your facilitator to review progress and agree on next steps to support your development.

    You can experience this program virtually online, in-person or we can bring it into your organization with an approach that suits you.

    We also offer Train the Trainer to equip your organization’s trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver this program in-house. Get in touch to find out more.

  • I want to bring this programme in as part of a wider culture change initiative, can you help?

    Performance Consultants senior Safety team are expert in organizational transformation and can work with you to reach your goals holistically. Just request a complimentary consultation through our Contact Us form, selecting “Safety programs”.