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Coaching for Performance Book

Explore the world’s #1 coaching book.

Coaching for Performance book author and Performance Consultants co-founder Sir John Whitmore

Coaching cultures are better performing, fairer, and more sustainable…

Ludo Van der Heyden, Professor, INSEAD

The seminal book on coaching

The pivotal GROW model was introduced to organizations worldwide in 1992 via Sir John Whitmore’s breakthrough writing, Coaching for Performance.

Now more than ever, it sits as a desktop essential for leaders, coaches and everyone in between.

Get the best out of your people


“To get the best out of people, we have to believe the best is in there – but how do we know it is, how much is there, and how do we get it out?”

Getting the best out of people” was the focus of Sir John Whitmore’s lifework, and here’s precisely how Coaching for Performance can help you get the best out of your organization:


  • Potential as a journey, not a destination

    Whitmore exclaims that coaching is a skillset to be honed and evolved, as opposed to perfected in one bout.


    This sentiment alights both employee and organizational development as being continuous journeys as opposed to iterative firefighting. 

  • The power of GROW

    The GROW model (Goal, Reality, Options and Will) is our proprietary goal-setting framework that’s been embedded throughout Coaching for Performance.


    This framework has been leveraged by Google to encourage innovative cultures, and is something you can deploy into your organization this year.

  • The collaborative nature of coaching

    Coaching is entirely collaborative, many modern takes misconstrue “coaching” to be intensive, isolated one-to-one sessions that influence no further than the c-suite.


    Whitmore highlights how coaching can have transformative effects on performance that ripple across your organization and incite cross-department collaboration.

The GROW model


Here’s an “at a glance” breakdown of the GROW model as featured in Coaching for Performance.


The best first book to read for anyone interested in coaching.

It goes beyond the skills that it so aptly spells out, to explain the essence of coaching.


PhD, Harvard Medical School
Carol Kauffman

This is a must-read for leaders and organizational development practitioners who recognize that coaching is a performance activity that impacts leaders, teams, and culture holistically.

Thorsten Klein, Director, eBay

Who’s reading it?

Industry-leading executives, coaches and talents alike have soaked in Whitmore’s pivotal writings on performance coaching and progressed to shape transformative impacts within their respective industries.


High-level decision-makers in the world’s leading organizations (such as eBay, Barclays and Volvo) and the executives of coaching accreditation bodies (such as the International Coaching Federation or ICF) cite this book to be paramount reading for those who wish to deploy the coaching approach into their workspace or lives.



This book is all-inclusive; the performance coaching approach and mindset have dynamic applications.

Going “beyond the book”

Performance Consultants has over four decades of experience in materializing Sir John Whitmore’s breakthrough concepts and models into the offices, factories and shop floors of leading organizations.

A launch arc representing the pursuit of goals

Here’s how your organization can go “beyond the book”

Whether it’s a senior leader, executive, c-suite member, talent, or coach; we have industry-leading programs tailored to the needs of organizations and those in the coaching field alike