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Impact 360

Leverage our proprietary leadership assessment tool to gain holistic “360°” insights into your leaders’ impact.

Two individuals undertaking participating in a leadership assessment

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams

Leadership assessments for impactful businesses

For organizations in a world of endlessly cascading workplace analytics, metrics and reporting it’s impossible to get crystal clear, actionable insights on their leaders’ impact.

We’ve duly developed the ‘Impact 360’ assessment. Compiling Performance Consultants’ decades of expertise working intimately alongside global organizations to optimize their leadership and culture.




This ground breaking performance assessment grants the leader of your organization with an industry-proven process to gain definitive “360°” overviews of their impact.

The Impact 360 journey

A visual walkthrough of the assessment process

slide showing the Impact 360 journey

The assessment process

Assessment details

Below is the Impact 360 specification



The assessee can be any manager, executive, senior leader, or c-suite member in your organization


– Pinpointing of exercise objectives
– Receipt of Impact 360 tool and related materials
– Selection of feedback participants (assessors)
– Assessment completion followed by review and reflection
– 1:1 virtual coaching session to review feedback and set actions


Impact 360 is entirely virtual; both the assessment and coaching will be conducted virtually

Corporate group offerings

– Impact 360 kick off session for managers
– Impact 360 info session for staff
– Group Impact 360 reports
– Group debrief sessions
– Group coaching
– Team coaching

Organizational development, visualized

Our Impact 360 assessment leverages the Performance Curve™, our proprietary tool that visualizes the organizational development journey.

The Performance Curve model illustrates an organizations' culture depending on performance and potential

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

– Peter Drucker

The definitive leadership assessment tool for organizations


The basis of Impact 360 is our proprietary Performance Curve™ which concisely illustrates a gradient encompassing the four stages of organizational development and culture; while precisely pinpointing the coordinates of where a business is on its journey.




Wherever your organizational culture stands on the Performance Curve™, the only way is up.


The Performance Curve™ stages

Showcased below are the engagement-driven stages along the Performance Curve™; allowing organizations to visualize the impact of their leadership.

Impact 360 insights

Discover key developmental insights your organization can attain via Impact 360



Through the Impact 360 Assessment, your organization’s leader will gain actionable metrics that provide them the opportunity to reimagine and reshape their leadership style to drive performance


Your leader will be able to adapt the workflow and ethos of world-class leaders to your very own workspace


Your leader will gain a top down overview on the precise influences of their impact and subsequently how engaged their teams are


Post-assessment leaders will open the door towards a transparent, trust-based, professional in-house culture that champions feedback and reciprocity

Impact, sustained

Explore solutions that your organization can leverage in tandem with your assessment insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is “360° feedback” and why would my organization need it?


    “360° feedback” essentially gives executive leaders a “full circle” overview of their own impact within their organization. 


    It grants individuals the opportunity to receive performance feedback from his or her stakeholders, peers, reporting staff members, and co-workers.  


    Open and competency-based questions are distributed to the individuals’ “circle of influence” and respective answers are collated and then presented; enabling the recipient to constructively action the assessment results.  


    Receiving and applying 360° feedback is a vital part of leadership performance, growth, and subsequent organizational development.


  • Is the feedback provided anonymously?


    By default, 360° feedback is anonymous as this allows the recipient to receive comprehensive and candid feedback in a safe environment.


    It also enables the recipient to focus on the substance of their assessment, rather than one specific person’s thoughts.


  • Is ‘Impact 360’ GDPR compliant?


    The data collected via the assessment is confidential, anonymous and not shared with third parties.


    Post-Impact 360, the assessment results are collated into a report and presented to the individual. This report is entirely confidential and is only distributed to the assessee and their coach. 


  • I’ve seen multiple impact assessment programs and tools online, what makes ‘Impact 360’ unique?


    Impact 360 feedback is a sharing of different perspectives. 


    An organizational opportunity arises when new information is presented to leaders with the intention of raising awareness about their impact, not correcting it. 


    What differentiates ‘Impact 360’ from other assessment programs is that it’s designed for leaders and organizations wanting to create collaborative coaching cultures and cultivate interdependence; which we have over 40 years of expertise facilitating. 


    We formally deployed Impact 360 in 2006, and we’ve continually evolved and improved it via almost two decades of applying it within industry-leading organizations. Impact 360 is the definitive, “cutting-edge” impact assessment tool for individuals within organizations.