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Mission and vision

Immerse yourself into our mission and vision of bringing engaged, interdependent and high-performance workspace cultures to organizations worldwide.

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There’s an opportunity for organizations to become the platform through which people fulfil their potential.


BBC Radio 4 interview with Kate Mason
co-CEO Tiffany Gaskell

Our mission

Our mission is to transform the top-down culture of quarterly crunch time performance into sustainable year-round high performance for organizations globally.


  • Leadership suites, transformed


    We facilitate the all-out transformation of your leadership suite, from executives and senior leaders to line managers alike – aligning with our mission to optimize your performance, our respective leadership programs yield an (average of) 800% boost in ROI per participant.


  • High performance


    Our promise is to bring you high performance, and measurably so. Our proprietary tools help leaders assess their impact, deduce their ROI, and gain insights into behavioural performance-based change from programs undertaken.


The GROW model

Here’s an “at a glance” breakdown of the GROW model, and how it aligns with our mission of transforming your leadership and performance. 


Our vision

Our vision is to cultivate a long-lasting, legacy-inducing cultural impact within the organizations we work alongside.


  • Cultural impact


    Developing positive, highly performing, and sustainable cultures is at the heart of our ethos. We help organizations ignite employee engagement and cultivate their talents’ potential.


  • Organizational development


    Organizations have previously existed primarily to create profit but now their remit is being widened by employees who want to find fulfillment and purpose in their work. Performance Consultants help organizations cultivate that environment. 


The Performance Curve™ journey

Showcased below is the organizational development journey along the Performance Curve™.


“To get the best out of people, we have to believe the best is in there – but how do we know it is, how much is there, and how do we get it out?”

– Sir John Whitmore

Coaching for Performance book author and Performance Consultants co-founder Sir John Whitmore