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Employee Engagement & Retention

Discover valuable insights into the current world of employee, engagement and retention.

Employees collaborating on a project

77% of the World’s workforce are not engaged, and then in the UK it rises to 90%!

– Performance Consultants’ co-CEO Tiffany Gaskell, BBC Radio 4 interview

Don’t quit on engagement

Late into 2023 our co-CEO Tiffany Gaskell sat down with Kate Mason on BBC Radio 4, discussing the very topic of engagement, she cited; 

“77% of the World’s workforce are not engaged, and then in the UK it rises to 90%!”

Sourced from Gallup’s latest Workplace Survey, these figures are somewhat startling.

What’s even more startling for leaders, CLOs, and HR-heroes alike, however, is the fact that engagement levels have a direct correlation with ‘quiet quitters’ (59% of whom are admittedly “not-engaged”). While active ‘disengagement’ aligns with the (management team’s favorite), ‘loud quitters’ at 18%.    


‘Engagement’ per se is an essential, yet elusive topic when it comes to the health of your culture; and engagement churn is a pain point that organizations worldwide struggle with. We’re here to showcase how optimizing your engagement levels could be the definitive ROI-positive opportunity for your business this year. 

There’s an opportunity for organizations to become the platform through which people fulfil their potential.”


BBC Radio 4 interview with Kate Mason
co-CEO Tiffany Gaskell

The global engagement opportunity

Startling statistics aside, engagement itself plays a pivotal role in the sourcing and retention of high-flyers and cultivating the coveted ‘Interdependence’ stage in organizational development. 

A 21% increase in profitability, a 17% boost in productivity, and a 41% reduction in absenteeism are the eye opening 2023 statistics that Gallup reports are resultant of an engaged workspace. 

The journey towards fulfilling the “Global Engagement Opportunity” within your very own organization stems from cultivating a workforce that feels as if their potential is being addressed and fulfilled.

Why engage your people

Below are Gallup’s 2023 statistics on the benefits of an engaged workplace
21% increase

in profitability

17% boost

in productivity

41% reduction

in absenteeism

Potential drives engagement

“Potential” seems intangible in today’s data-driven workforce – and that’s where our Performance Curve™ comes into play.

The Performance Curve model illustrates an organizations' culture depending on performance and potential

All organizations are in one of four stages, predominantly, of culture.”

– Performance Consultants’ co-CEO Tiffany Gaskell, BBC Radio 4 interview

From firefighting to interdependance

During Tiffany’s aforementioned sit down with Kate, she illustrates the journey along the Performance Curve; from the day-to-day firefighting and burnout-inducing Impulsive’ phase all the way to potential-driven interdependence


The “Interdependent” stage of a business is when projects are imbued with cross-department collaboration, teams self-govern, and purpose prevails. 



All of our organizations sit somewhere on the gradient, Performance Consultants’ mission is to ensure businesses worldwide continue to move up the graph – and on an optimistic note wherever you are, the only way is up.  

The Performance Curve™ journey

Showcased below is the engagement-driven organizational development journey along the Performance Curve™

Strategies towards an engaged workspace

It’s at the core of our ethos and mission at Performance Consultants to journey alongside the leaders of the world and bring them towards an engaged workforce. Fundamentally speaking, high-performance, positive culture and most importantly, unlocked potential, all stem from engaged employees.


Here are three strategic actions your organization can take this year towards cultivating an engaged workspace –

  • Invest in leadership development


    Transformational Leadership = Engaged Workspace.

    We could leave it at that, but it’s our mission to take you there. 

    Performance Consultants have decades of experience working intimately alongside leaders within all industries to help them cultivate an engaged workspace. 


    Our ‘Transformational Leader’ program curates our decades of culture-shaping expertise into an exciting pathway to unlock the engagement-oriented leader in you.


    Flashing back to the aforementioned 21% increase in profitability via engagement, our program alumni have experienced on average an 800% increase in ROI.

  • Cultivate a coaching-based culture


    A coaching-based culture is one where the prevailing mindset and behaviours of the organization are, literally, coach-like. 

    When you leverage this culture, hierarchy gives way to partnership and collaboration; and responsibility cultivates engagement as opposed to stress or “crunch”.


    However, that cultural step-change doesn’t have to take forever.


    GROW Digital™ is our dynamic digital learning experience (centered around our proprietary GROW model) curated to bolster engagement organization-wide.

  • Assess engagement


    As a leader in a world of endlessly cascading workplace analytics, CRMs, and reporting, it’s impossible to get a crystal clear, actionable overview of your leadership impact. 

    And as we’ve covered, positive impact is the perfect catalyst towards an engaged culture. 


    But how do you measure and assess your impact as a leader?


    With consideration for leadership-impact, our team has developed the self-paced Impact 360 assessment and toolkit where your leadership style and influence are audited; providing you with actionable insights that open the opportunity to reimagine and reshape your leadership style to drive engagement. 

We take you there

Showcased below is a selection of solutions that helped industry leading organizations ignite engagement within their workspace