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Transformational Leader

Organizational transformation starts with empowering individuals with the leadership skills that build high-performance cultures.

Leadership development program participant feeling empowered

An organization’s success depends on its human capital. Leaders who coach can unlock massive reserves of potential, build high-performance teams and deliver extraordinary results.

President EMEA, Hasbro

Mark Hoijtink

Great leadership starts here

Transformational Leaders are the first step for organizations to create an environment of sustainable high performance.

This Transformational Leader program helps organizations get to the end goal quicker, equipping leaders with the skills they need to unlock the potential of their people, increase engagement across all levels and create sustainable high performance.

The equivalent of an MBA for soft skills.

If you’re looking for something hands-on where you can really experience what you are learning and practice what you have learned, then this is the perfect course.

It really blew my mind in terms of what I was expecting and what I actually got out of it. I learned new tools and met incredible people who I am still in touch with today. It went above and beyond my expectations and I would totally recommend it.

Director of Enterprise, Zego
Gianluca Uberti

Participant outcomes

800% ROI per person

On average, organizations get an 800% Return on Investment (ROI) for their employees who go through this Transformational Leader program.

Consistent high performance

Your organization and team will experience collective high performance and you’ll see a cultural change, moving through the Performance Curve™ to work towards achieving interdependence

New mindset and toolkit

You’ll see a noticeable behavioral change in participants’ mindsets as they’re provided with a practical toolkit to minimize team performance interference

Deep learning experience

Participants will experience a deep learning experience that leads to long-term behavior change

The partnership we formed with Performance Consultants has resulted in the large-scale roll-out of a successful safety leadership program.

Our supervisors have new skills to create an environment that champions continuous improvement.
Global HSE Manager, Engineering Division
James Thieme

Embark on the Transformational Leader journey

This program can be brought into your organization and delivered globally, both online and in person in over 20 languages. Individuals working with or within organizations can also apply here.


This is the first step in creating a high-performance leader. In this module, participants will learn how to unlock their own and their team’s full potential by exploring the GROW model.

Organizational roll-out

Tried and tested in global organizations for over 40 years, we can deliver this leadership training to larger groups, business-wide and in multiple languages to meet your goals.

A bullseye with an arrow, a metaphor for goal setting

Professional leadership training

Once the foundation module has been completed, participants can follow the pathway to mastery level.

They’ll become a globally recognized transformational leader with a deep understanding of how to embed interdependent cultures and unlock potential for consistent team performance.

Case Studies

How has this worked before?

A pharmaceutical lab conducting tests

Creating an environment of innovation, ownership and learning with Medtronic

A leading-edge global learning program deployed at scale, within an 8-week deadline for a world-leading medical device organization. Resulting in a new ‘Performance Acceleration’ approach.
Engaged employees interacting during work

Improving Employee Engagement at MasterCard

A global scale coaching program took this organization to the next level, improving both performance and employee engagement.

The Performance Curve™

Discover how the Performance Curve™ is a roadmap to measuring human behaviors and creating high-performance cultures. Get in touch to find out where your organization is.


The Performance Curve model illustrates an organizations' culture depending on performance and potential
What is the culture of your team or organization?

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is this program for?

    C-suite, senior executives, managers, and all people leaders with established leadership skills. This program is for those seeking the development of critical soft skills to leverage a coaching leadership style that unlocks team potential.

  • Do participants receive individual support?

    Programs are run with groups of no more than 12 participants so each individual can receive the support right for them. Everyone receives personal feedback from the lead and assistant facilitators who are all highly experienced and qualified coaches. Learning is also supported by an assessment, facilitated supervision calls, practice assignments, and a course booklet.

  • Are there different options for how I can obtain this training for myself or my organization?

    Yes, there are several different ways in which the Transformational Leader Pathway can be delivered:

    Individually: We deliver leadership and coaching training globally to groups of senior-level, international peers. You can book directly on to these sessions here.

    In-house: We can deliver this leadership program for your organization either virtually or in person at your chosen venues, worldwide. To bring this program into your organization, please get in touch.

    Train the Trainer (TTT): We can equip your in-house trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver this training. For more information, please contact us.

  • Can training sessions be provided in different languages?

    Yes, we can deliver in over 20 different languages on request, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Enhance Your Results

Person on top of a mountain

Impact 360

Based on The Performance Curve, this tool allows you to show mindsets and behaviors of yourself and leaders to support your organization moving into interdependence and high-performance.
a team collaborating in smaller groups

Executive Coaching

The ultimate tailored approach to achieving your goals, 1-2-1 sessions with world-class coaches.