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Pioneers in performance coaching, transformational leadership and culture transformation.

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Shaping the landscape

People are in the forefront of everything we do. With over 40 years of expertise in the world of performance coaching, consulting and cultural transformation, working in partnership with our clients, facilitators, employees and champions is embedded in everything we do.

Our founders created and are still contributing valuable theories, methodologies and training programs that continue to influence performance coaching and clients worldwide.

Coaching for Performance book author and Performance Consultants co-founder Sir John Whitmore

Sir John Whitmore

Pioneer of coaching in the workplace and Co-Founder of Performance Consultants, Sir John Whitmore defined the theory of GROW in the 1980s. Sir John Whitmore was a pre-eminent thinker in leadership development and organizational change.

He wrote five books on leadership, coaching and sports and published the first edition of Coaching for Performance in 1992, the most well known, now running into it’s 6th edition having sold over a million copies in more than 20 languages.

Together, these are the foundation stones of a revolution in workplace leadership and culture transformation.

Read more about Sir John Whitmore here.

Tiffany Gaskell Co-CEO of Performance Consultants

Tiffany Gaskell

Founder and Co-CEO of Performance Consultants, Tiffany is an international authority on performance coaching and culture transformation. She has spent 20 years working with c-suite at Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 businesses.

An innovator and advocate of ways to measure the benefits of coaching and the impact of leaders on culture, performance and the bottom line, Tiffany is the creator of Coaching for Performance ROI, Impact 360, the Performance Curve™ and Safety Performance Curve™.


Tiffany is co-author of Coaching for Performance and a keynote speaker on transformational leadership, the impact of coaching cultures, corporate culture evolution and change management. She has been featured in the Financial Times, The Guardian and BBC Radio 4 and ‘The Coach in Your Head‘ podcast, hosted by author Michael Lewis.

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David Brown

Founder and Co-CEO and Chairman of Performance Consultants, David has spent 30 years working on transformational leadership creating high-performance cultures for global corporations.

David is passionate about what it takes to be awake and responsible to the reality that we all need to be truly human and global now individually and collectively.

Starting his career as an Advisor to Macquarie Group and Prudential Financial, David was invited on to the advisory board of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for 5 years.

Today he leads the global roll out of Performance Consultants, leading with safety performance.

There’s an opportunity for organizations to become the platform through which people fulfil their potential.


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co-CEO Tiffany Gaskell

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