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Creating a High-Performance Coaching Culture at Davines

Davines Group wanted to grow their business and saw an opportunity to create a high-performance, collaborative coaching culture in pursuit of their growth strategy.

Davines products displayed on the table

It was eye opening – I knew nothing about coaching, or these topics, and had never thought about the impact overall on the organisation.

I found the quality of topics and the 2 coaches very good – and I think every modern leader should be equipped with these contents.”

Marketing Director, Participant, Davines Group

Do our best for the world, creating good life for all, through Beauty, Ethics and Sustainability.”

Davines Group

Our Approach

A global, bespoke solution was proposed by Performance Consultants to create world class leaders, equipped with the skills to embed a culture defined by purpose, passion and high performance.

We, Performance Consultants, worked with Davines Group to identify their business objective:

“Develop methodologies and practical tools to enable your teams’ potential to blossom every day”


Business leaders put their case forward to attend the programme, stating their goals and why they should be chosen. The participants selected had no doubt that the experience would give them and their teams value for life.

Multiple products were combined by Performance Consultants to design a bespoke solution that developed their interdependent culture and helped them achieve their objectives. The solution was delivered in four parts, in multiple languages to reach each department where they were.




  • Research:

    To gain awareness of their leadership style, an Impact 360 review was completed which helped them define their individual objectives and goals.


  • Training:

    Each leader completed our Transformational Leader Pathway  level 1 and level 2.1 as a step-by-step program, giving them the tools to adapt to a coaching mindset.

  • Coaching:

    Executive coaching sessions were made available to all attendees. The first session included a debrief on their Impact 360 feedback.

    Two more sessions were also included to help support them meet their objectives.

  • Return on Investment:

    Participant surveys were carried out after each step to facilitate constant feedback. At the end of the programme evaluation, sessions were held with each leader to help them reflect on the outcomes of their journey, and how it benefitted both them personally and as ROI for the organization.


“It was the best training programme I attended in my 15 years of my work – transformational…Each time, I went home with new tools that I could use both in work and personal life.”

HR Business Partner, Davines Group

The Results

Business leaders reported all round success with an average ‘excellent’ NPS score of +67.5. For their business areas they reported better employee retention rates (387% ROI), increased efficiency (1328% ROI), and better budget management saving a combination of £20k on unnecessary working hours and 10% on their annual budget.