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John-Whitmore-new-colourSir John Whitmore (1937–2017) was co-founder of Performance Consultants International – the foremost provider of coaching, leadership development and performance improvement in the workplace globally. A pre-eminent thinker in leadership development and organizational change, Sir John wrote five books on leadership, coaching and sports, of which Coaching for Performance is the best known having sold over a million copies in more than 20 languages. This seminal text introduced the world to the GROW Model, created by Sir John and his colleagues in the 1980s. GROW has become a favourite of managers and coaches worldwide, thanks to its success in both problem-solving and goal setting, helping to maximize and maintain personal achievement, enjoyment and productivity. The Fifth Edition of Coaching for Performance was completed shortly before his death and will be published later this year.

Pioneer of Coaching and Leadership Development

Honoured with the President’s Award by the International Coach Federation (ICF), rated as the Number One Business Coach by the Independent newspaper and as having had the most impact on the coaching profession by the Association for Coaching, Sir John Whitmore will always be considered as one of the leading figures in the international coaching community. He was instrumental in the early stages of the creation of the ICF, which is now the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches, and he remained involved in the evolution of coaching and the ICF, serving as a Trustee for the ICF Foundation.

Sir John Whitmore Coaching for Performance 5th Edition book featuring GROW modelHe was the pioneer and godfather of coaching in the workplace, including leadership and management training programmes such as Coaching for Performance: Manager Programme and Coaching for Performance: Leadership Programme, creating coaching cultures and executive coaching. His work was the foundation for the birth and explosion of the coaching industry we have seen globally and which is now helping business transform from the inside out. Sir John Whitmore also created Transpersonal Coach Training for experienced coaches wanting to acquire leading-edge coaching principles and techniques to help their clients discover the power and effectiveness of who they are and create deep and meaningful change.

Founder of Performance Consultants

Sir John Whitmore founded Performance Consultants with partners after originally forming The Inner Game in the United Kingdom following a period of studying and working with Tim Gallwey and Bob Kriegel in the United States. They were the first to formulate the coaching processes and introduce their approach to organizations.

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