David Brown

As Managing Director & CEO of Performance Consultants, David is responsible for leading one of the pioneering firms in coaching, leadership development and performance improvement in the world.

About David Brown

David’s intention for Performance Consultants is to enable us to be truly ourselves at work, learning daily through experience and growing personally and professionally as best we can. He firmly believes that people and investment management transcends into personal motivation when the rules of behaviour that people are expected to follow are implanted from within, rather than set from above.

As a Board Trustee of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Foundation, David is a respected thought leader in influencing humanity’s evolution and creating societal change.


David has a background in investment banking, having worked internationally for Macquarie Group and Prudential Investments as a corporate and institutional adviser. He has a deep passion and understanding of what it takes to create, build and sustain successful companies, investments and people.


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