GROWing Human Potential and Purpose: The Principles and Practice of Coaching and Leadership

coaching-for-performance-book-john-whitmoreSir John Whitmore’s seminal text Coaching for Performance has been, at various times, the No. 1 Best Seller in many categories including: Management; Business team management skills; Business coaching & mentoring skills; and Human resources management. The book introduced the world to the GROW Model, created by Sir John and colleagues in the 1980s and has sold a million copies in 23 languages. The Fifth Edition is due to be published in September 2017.

Coaching is more than a skill or a technique for individual and team development. It is invaluable for task performance and delegation. It can be deployed as effectively for quick management interactions as it can in a half-hour coaching session.

Coaching is a powerful tool for developing leadership and employee performance beyond the typical skill and motivational approaches to professional development.

Embedded in the process of ongoing communication and relationship building it delivers practical, common sense approaches to developing people and services, and is a powerful way of creating excellent results.

Most importantly it places people at the top of the agenda in action not just in word and is an essential management style of the high performing company culture of the future.

About the Book

by Sir John Whitmore PhD

This fourth edition of the bestselling coaching book, Coaching for Performance, sees many changes, additions and updates. It is 50 pages longer than the third edition and over 100 longer than the first in 1992. This is by far the most comprehensive rewrite that I have done, and it may well be the last, and I hope the most long lasting.

One of the principle reasons for the popularity of this book, we are told, is that the language is so easy to read and understand, but I have attempted to refine that further throughout the whole book and make it even more so. I have also divided Coaching for Performance into four Parts: The Principles of Coaching; The Practice of Coaching; Leadership for High Performance; and Transformation through Transpersonal Coaching. This makes it easier to identify the subject you want and to dip in and out of it.

A New Section on Leadership for High Performance

The new section on leadership is challenging. It begins: “This fourth edition of Coaching for Performance comes at a time when humanity is facing huge challenges in the economy, in the environment, in the widening gap between rich and poor, and in social stress and distress … and for which coaching has so much to offer”.

I go on to explore the huge changes in the type of leadership required for the future, and the challenges they will have, for example no leader of even a mid-size organization can afford to ignore global issues any more.

1. Leaders will need far more inner strength, maturity and wisdom which comes from deep personal development work as opposed to the externalities supplied by academic business schools.
2. Leadership will be spread far and wide throughout organizations in future, so there will be far more people in leadership functions and less dependence on an autocrat at the top.

From that position we then consider in depth how leaders at every level can develop these deeper qualities such as vision, values, authenticity, agility and alignment with a greater purpose. This leads us into the fourth part Transpersonal coaching where I provide a range of methods and models for advanced coaches to use to enable them to facilitate deeper learning and personal development. This raises question like, “What is your purpose in life?” and even what is perhaps the deepest of all coaching questions, “Who are you?” The last chapter in this section is entitled, “The Future Focus of Coaching.”

Despite these major additions to the book, I have not shied away from those many people who are now entering this growing maturing profession of coaching. This book will help them get started and find their way forward. They are much needed not only in corporations but in all our institutions where the demand is also growing; institutions such as the civil service, local government, healthcare and education, even the military and the police are all adopting coaching and seeking coaches.

About the Coaching for Performance Training Programme

Coaching for Performance, the industry gold standard executive coaching training, is available as a three-level public programme or can be ordered in-house and tailored to meet your organization’s exact needs (see Coaching for Performance (Foundation) in-house workshop). We also offer a Train the Trainer option if you would like to develop an in-house group of coach trainers to spread the benefits of Coaching for Performance across your organization.

Current Editions of Coaching for Performance

4th edition:
English (Nicholas Brealey), Czech (Management Press), Chinese (EcoTrend/Cite), Estonian (Vaike Vanker), Spanish (Paidos), Dutch (Nelissen),*French (Maxima), Italian (Alessio Roberti), Polish (G+ J Gruner & Jahr), Swedish (Natur & Kultur)
*Business Book Summary/EBSCO 2010.

3rd edition:
Italian (Sperling & Kupfer Editori), Polish (Santorski via Graal), French (Maxima), Japanese (Softbank), Korean (Gimm-Young), Russian (CMBC), Chinese (Renmin), Danish (Asschenfeldts Nye), Bahasa Indonesia (Bhuana Ilmu Populer), Swedish (Brain Pedagogerna), Croatian (Mate Publishing), German (Alles Im Fluss Verlag), Portuguese (Brazil) (Quality Mark).

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