Workplace Coaching, Leadership Development and Transformation

Performance Consultants pioneered performance coaching at work over 30 years ago and still leads the field globally in business coaching and leadership development. It is the home of the pioneers of performance coaching who include Sir John Whitmore, co-creator of the GROW Model and writer of the bible of coaching Coaching for Performance, and Tim Gallwey, creator of the Inner Game series. On the leadership development side, Gita Bellin is the pioneer of mindset transformation and her Transformational Leadership work is championed the world over by CEOs and change agents who have experienced it.

In line with today’s challenges and opportunities, we provide a unique blend of capabilities and integrated services for individual, team and organizational development:

  • Public coach training courses – open-access coach certification, skills for managers and one-to-one coaching;
  • Management development – creating excellent managers through off-the-shelf or tailored in-house training and executive coaching;
  • Team development – raising team performance through team coaching;
  • Leadership development – creating outstanding leaders through off-the-shelf or tailored in-house training and executive coaching.

What is Performance Coaching?

Performance coaching raises performance in individuals, teams and organizations. We offer individual executive coaching (1:1) and Coaching for Performance training for people in organizations to help them fulfil their potential so that they, in turn, will improve your company’s performance while also flourishing in their role. Through our work of performance coaching, we help you engage not only people’s mind, but also their hearts, which creates sustainable improvement and growth for your organization.

Organizational and Leadership Development Training

We stand for leadership that is based on individual and collective awareness and responsibility, driven and led by all levels of an organization. We strive for the integration of strategy, culture and leadership in assisting people and organizations to engage deeply with a society that demands new forms of corporate responsibility and public accountability, which is paramount to creating the world and future we desire.

Our global training programmes unleash competitive advantage through human potential in organizations to drive performance, productivity and transformation.

Performance Consultants offer off-the-shelf and tailor-made coaching and transformation programmes to businesses and individuals. To experience one of our off-the-shelf programmes, you can join one of our upcoming open-enrolment programmes or request tailor-made training for your organization in performance coaching training for managers or coaching leadership development.

Our Global Team

Our Global Team are passionate about Performance Consultant’s Vision and Mission and want to make a positive difference through business coaching and transformation. Performance Consultant’s reputation for excellence in coaching and transformation comes from its Global Team which consists of:

  • the Global Management Team that is based in London. They set the strategy and direction globally and coordinate global activities;
  • the Global Delivery Team that spans all continents and has multilingual delivery capability.

Company Information

Company Name: Performance Consultants (International) Ltd
Company Registration No: 4612289
VAT No. GB 853 2831 24
Registered Address: 93D Ifield Road, London, SW10 9AS, UK
Place of Registration: England and Wales