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Performance Consultants pioneered coaching in organizations more than 30 years ago and continues to lead the field globally, providing individual coaching, group coaching and coaching skills training that fulfil potential and impact the bottom line.

We work at the transformational level, as opposed to the transactional, in order to create sustainable behavioural change. Creating a supportive and collaborative culture, finding the right people, managing them to do great things, and solving problems creatively and systematically are challenges faced by all organizations.

Command-and-control management or leadership is no longer tenable in this fast-moving world. People need to be able to make fast decisions and respond to changing conditions on a moment-by-moment basis. In order to function to the best of their ability, employees need to work within a different style of management and structure – one that empowers and facilitates. We help your leaders and managers achieve more through their teams by creating that culture, specifically by developing a coaching management style and coaching culture which:

  • creates empowerment
  • increases engagement
  • develops people and performance
  • improves creativity
  • raises responsibility in employees

Leadership and Management Development

Leaders are not usually looking to become coaches. But by developing a “coaching leadership style” they can unleash potential in their organization. We help leaders move from “command and control” to co-creative connection and awareness, emphasizing the importance of being a mentor as well as a team player. Our programmes are the industry gold standard for delivering authentic leadership and outstanding results in organizations… read more

Coaching for Performance: Leadership Programme
Develop a Coaching Management Style

Creating Transformational Leaders

We focus on building “conscious leadership” through interaction tools, techniques and skills, and the experience and understanding of the concepts that empower people to transform the quality of life. As people transform so do organizations. Application of these concepts and skills to real-life situations, including personal and professional challenges, prepares leaders for a top-down organizational shift. We develop inspirational leaders for today, and shape next-generation… read more

Transformation Skills for Leaders
Individual Coaching

Employee Engagement Through the Wider Organization

To unleash competitive advantage, we mesh workplace culture with board-level strategy and leadership. This competitive advantage comes from aligning strategy with operations top-down, and empowering and emboldening your employees to grow and develop. Changing workplace culture can be a lengthy, difficult process. We help deliver that change quickly, efficiently, through the whole organization – and embed the new culture thoroughly… read more

Team Development | Group Coaching
e-Learning Coaching Training