Transformation Skills for Leaders and Coaches*

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* Can be taken as Module 1 of Coaching for Performance, Level 3
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Advanced Coaching and Leadership Excellence

Transformation Skills for Leaders and Coaches is a 3-day intermediate/advanced programme. It introduces transformational leadership and advanced coaching skills by developing excellence and maximum performance through personal and practical reflection. Championed the world over by leaders and change agents who have experienced it, the public course forms Module 1 of Coaching for Performance, Level 3 but it can be taken as a stand-alone. The programme can be ordered for in-house delivery.

Creating Transformational Leaders

A major focus is that of ‘conscious leadership’ through interaction tools, techniques and skills, and the experience and understanding of the concepts which empower people to transform the quality of life. As people transform so do organizations. Application of these concepts and skills to real-life situations including current personal and professional challenges prepares leaders for a paradigm shift from ‘command and control’ to co-creative connection and awareness, emphasizing the importance of being a mentor as well as a team player.

Creating Sustained Excellence

This transformational leadership programme offers opportunities to explore and re-create dysfunctional behaviour and mindsets. Leaders and coaches will be shown transformational leadership and transformational coaching techniques to alter the root perspective from which we experience and respond to our thoughts and actions and the situations in which we find ourselves. The focus is on the mastering of the mind, the development of emotional and social intelligence, the power of acknowledgement and deepening the core coaching skills. By establishing trust, intimacy, accountability and high levels of empathy, presence and awareness, participants will be given the opportunity to take skills of coaching and mentoring to the next level, thus enabling individuals and organizations to move to a place of transformational coaching and transformational leadership through sustained excellence and maximum performance.

About the Transformational Leadership Programmes

The transformational leadership programmes are created by Gita Bellin and have as a central purpose the provision of practical tools, techniques and skills and the experience and understanding of concepts which empower people to transform the quality of their day-to-day lives in any given situation.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this programme.

Fees – Public Course
£1,995 + VAT
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Note: If you are following the Gita Bellin & Associates transformation series, Transformation Skills for Leaders and Coaches is first in the series.

Booking and Enquiries
To book a place on the public course, please register now online. For course enquiries or to discuss how we can support the specific training needs of your managers, leaders and organization, please email or call +44 (0)20 3903 0011.