Evaluating Extraordinary Coaching Results at easyJet

easyJetThe Client: easyJet is Europe’s leading airline, operating on over 600 routes across more than 30 countries.

The Goal: Develop senior leaders within easyJet’s Talent Development Programme, and demonstrate a direct impact on performance.

The Challenge: An integral part of the people development strategy for easyJet was to ensure that people who demonstrated both performance and potential were clearly identified and nurtured. This was achieved through a formal succession planning process supported by tailored development programmes designed in consultation with each individual and their respective line manager, with the specific requirement of demonstrating a direct impact on performance.

Performance Consultants’ Approach

This case study focuses on one senior leader and the programme we developed to support his individual development. We provided provided 6–7 leadership coaching sessions that ran over a 6-months period. The coaching enabled the leader to articulate short-, medium- and long-term objectives and set clear benchmarks for performance.

The individual identified a number of areas for development, with special focus given to ‘communication’ and ‘inspiring and motivating others’. Through targeted leadership coaching in these areas, and our unique evaluation approach, extraordinary quantifiable results were demonstrated by this leader and his team.

Evaluation and Impact on KPIs

The senior leader achieved beyond expectations on all agreed benchmarks, while his team’s greatest achievement over this period was the generation of £6.8 million quantifiable new revenue for easyJet. By using Performance Consultants’ unique Coaching for Performance ROI tool, easyJet was able to determine that 100% of this revenue was attributed directly to changes in his leadership of the team which were borne out of Performance Consultants’ coaching. The organization was able to make a clear link between the behavioural changes adopted by this leader and the measured increase in his team’s revenue.

“Performance Consultants ‘get to the heart of the leader’ they are working with. They raise their self-awareness and engender responsibility in them to make a sustainable positive difference in their own lives and the lives of those they work with. The evaluation approach uniquely enables leaders to measure the impact of the coaching so they are able to demonstrate the commercial impact of their own development as leaders. I regard Performance Consultants as leading industry experts in the field of evaluating the impacts of coaching.”
Matthew Chipper, Organizational Development Manager, easyJet

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