Online Courses Deliver Key Organizational Objectives

Research shows that developing coaching expertise increases employees’ skills and competencies and has a long-lasting systemic impact on talent retention and the bottom line. To date, the challenge for organizations has been how to spread fundamental coaching skills beyond leaders and managers who typically attend in-person workshops. Performance Consultants created e-Learning Coaching Training so that companies can expand access to learning and provide cost-effective training throughout the organization.

Cost-effective Tailored Learning Anywhere in the World

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  • SCORM conformant for easy integration on your LMS, or choose our external hosting
  • Three languages included (text and audio) – multiple languages available
  • Your company branding

Tailored to Your Specific Needs & Challenges

Our experts will customize each training module to meet your organization’s needs and objectives. In this way, real challenges faced in the workplace can be brought to life to deliver relevant and practical learning.

Start by choosing your programme focus, for example:

Then choose the number of modules, the length of modules, the languages and a range of other options.

Booking and Enquiries
To order an e-learning programme, or to discuss how we can support the specific training needs of your employees and organization, please email or call +44 (0)20 7373 6431.