Coaching for Performance (Foundation)

Managers are not generally looking to become coaches but they do want to develop a “coaching management style” to be able to unleash potential in themselves and their teams. Our 2-day Coaching for Performance (Foundation), available in-house or publicly, is the industry gold standard management coaching training for managers of organizations, which creates outstanding results. Individuals can attend our public programme or the programme can be brought in-house to initiate a coaching culture across an organization.

“Coaching for Performance is the best training course I have attended in my 16 years with Medtronic.”
Simon Losasso, Senior Learning and Development Specialist Medtronic Italia S.p.A.
(Performance Consultants partners with Medtronic to deliver coaching training in 14 countries)

Coaching for Performance coaching management style

Who Will Benefit?

The training offers a unique opportunity to develop authentic and powerful management style in organizations which empowers others and creates a culture based on trust. Coaching for Performance is especially suitable for:

  • managers who want to develop a coaching style of management;
  • managers implementing organizational change;
  • HR and L&D professionals looking to retain and develop talent;
  • HR and L&D professionals wishing to obtain coach certification that is organization focused.

Develop a Coaching Management Style

This 2-day coaching management workshop introduces participants to the principles and practice of performance coaching and enables them to discover the true power of coaching within organizations. The organizational content is key and participants will explore different management cultures and gain valuable new skills and tools for creating a coaching culture. The training style is experiential and includes coaching practice and feedback from experienced trainers.

The foundation-level management coaching training develops participants’ management style and gives them the following skills:

Coaching for Performance (Foundation): Content
  • Establishing agreements – Developing strong relationships with team members
  • Understanding coaching principles and the GROW Model – Introducing a new approach to management and a structured approach to problem solving
  • Establishing trust – Creating a safe, supportive, blame-free and challenging environment through mutual respect and trust
  • Active listening – Enhanced, open communication, clarity and partnership
  • Powerful questioning – Empowering and developing team members
  • Asking permission – Partnering and creating ownership for team members
  • Coaching feedback – Development of team members and effective performance management reviews
  • Setting goals that energize and motivate – Development of team members, performance management and aligning individual purpose and organizational targets
  • Setting/reviewing actions – Enhanced performance management
  • Creating awareness for current performance and behaviours – Enhanced performance management and empowerment
  • Building responsibility for improvements and solutions – Innovation and risk-taking
  • Building coaching behaviours that will be sustained – Sustainability and job satisfaction

“Coaching for Performance is a powerful learning experience with real-life value.”
Peter Engleman, Group Manager, Agency Development, Brandwatch (USA)

The “Wow Factor”

Our coach training provides cutting-edge management development. The style is experiential (not theoretical), highly interactive and takes advantage of accelerated learning techniques. Throughout, the focus is on real-life examples (not role play) and “learning by doing” so that learning is achieved through insightful peer and facilitator feedback. This approach is successful with even the most sceptical or reluctant of participants.

Programme Options

  • PUBLIC: We deliver this management coaching training globally (see Global Training Diary (Public Courses)) to groups of senior-level, international peers
  • IN-HOUSE: We can deliver this management development programme for your organization at your chosen venues, worldwide
  • BESPOKE OR OFF THE SHELF: We can tailor the programme perfectly to fit your organization’s unique requirements and strategic objectives
  • MULTI-CULTURAL & MULTI-LINGUAL: Our world-class trainers and materials are available for delivery globally
  • TRAIN THE TRAINER (TTT): We can equip your in-house trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver this training
  • ONLINE: Our 1-year distance learning coach certification pathway includes synchronous (live) online training, asynchronous lessons, coaching demos, exercises and other study aids and mentor coaching
  • BLENDED LEARNING: Our e-Learning system is integral to our public and online coach training and is also available as a resource and support for our in-house performance improvement programmes
  • CERTIFICATION: Coaching for Performance: Coach Certification Pathway is the ultimate coaching training for individuals seeking a coaching credential

“The mix of theory, practice and personal learning made it quite a journey! It was a great group of people to work with and a real privilege to be on an external workshop with such an international dimension to it – made it all the more rewarding.”
Sheila Lumsden OBE ACIS, Deputy Regional Director, Wider Europe, British Council

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