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Creating a coaching leadership style

International restaurant chain Nando’s partnered with us to design a talent management program based on a coaching leadership style to improve delegation skills, grow responsibility and increase the proportion of managers promoted from within the Nando’s business.

an image of Nando's restaurant

Everyone was excited by the [coaching] principle … empowering others to find their own solutions.”

Learning and Development Manager, Nando’s
Marcelo Borges

Nando’s is not just about the chicken. It’s never been just about the chicken. It’s about the people who make the chicken.


Our Approach

Performance Consultants designed and delivered an in-house coaching talent management program for all their managers.

The Coaching for Performance program included the following elements:


I was blown away by the approach. It makes much more sense to encourage team members to take responsibility. You can only get so far by being directive…

People enjoy their jobs more now. They know what they’re doing and are ultimately more effective. I’d like to send more of my staff on these courses.”

Marketing Director, Nando’s
Louise Agran

The Results

After the 2-day coaching skills training for managers, enthusiasm for coaching was extremely high. The managers went back to their branches ready and committed to implementing their new coaching skills right away.

Louise Agran, Marketing Director at Nando’s, attended one of the early courses run by Sir John Whitmore. Louise introduced a coaching style of management to the Marketing Department as soon as she returned. She says “People enjoy their jobs more now… They know what they’re doing and are ultimately more effective.”

After the 4-day advanced leadership workshops, Area Managers successfully learnt to delegate day-to-day management issues. They went from managing 6 restaurants to managing 10.

The planned expansion was a huge success. The new coaching style of leadership strengthened the talent pipeline. Nando’s was named the Best Large Company to work for in the UK, and still holds its family values strongly at its heart.

You can read more about the secret to Nando’s talent management success in the full case study, ‘Nando’s Spices up its Leadership Style’, Personnel Today.