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Coaching for Performance: Coach Certification Pathway is the ultimate coaching training for individuals looking to become a certified coach or for managers and leaders wanting to incorporate coaching in their work. Based on the work of coaching pioneers Sir John Whitmore and Tim Gallwey, you will develop valuable new skills, tools and behaviours that create success in any profession.

“Thanks to the entire Performance Consultants team for walking the path with me to allow me to gain this coach certification. It is not about the piece of paper but the rigor of the process and the learning achieved has been invaluable.”
John Collingwood ACC (Associate Certified Coach), Head of Content & Delivery at the Human Performance Institute, Johnson & Johnson, and former Senior Director, Global Talent Identification & Development, Tupperware Brands Corporation Inc (USA)

The Coaching for Performance: Coach Certification Pathway is an ICF ACSTH approved programme combining Levels 1 and 2 of our industry gold standard executive coach training programme Coaching for Performance.* Beginning with Level 1, a foundation-level coach training that will introduce you to the principles and practice of performance coaching, you will discover the true power of authentic coaching within organizations and develop valuable new skills, tools and behaviours that can create success in any profession. An experiential focus on coaching practice, with feedback from experienced trainers.

“Truly amazing exercises that got the message across in a very powerful way.”
Michael Ehrmann, Senior Adviser, European Central Bank (Germany)

Level 2 builds on the skills developed in Level 1 and aims to grow more powerful and purposeful coaching within organizations. The focus is on transformational rather than transactional coaching, and expanding understanding and experience of human development process.

The experiential training incorporates a range of highly interactive learning techniques based on real-life coaching, observation and feedback. You will explore and experience rather than ‘learn’ the foundations and essence of coaching.

* Please note:  For those wanting to learn just the basics of coaching, Coaching for Performance, Level 1 (foundation) is available as a standalone training. For those looking to continue their learning and develop expertise, Coaching for Performance, Level 2 (intermediate) and Coaching for Performance, Level 3 (a series of advanced coaching training modules) are also offered separately, depending on previous training and experience. 

Who is the Coach Certification Pathway For?

Whether you are looking to become a professional business coach or want to develop a coaching style at work, Coaching for Performance: Coach Certification Pathway is ideal for:

  • Leaders and managers who want to develop a coaching style of leadership;
  • Leaders and managers with coaching experience who want to take it further or are required to coach as part of their job;
  • Leaders implementing organizational change;
  • HR and L&D professionals wanting to hone their coaching skills, looking to retain and develop talent or build the coaching capability within organizations;
  • Individuals who want to develop a career as an independent executive coach or pursue certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF);
  • Consultants working within organizations.

Programme Content and Structure

In-person Delivery: 

– Synchronous (live) elements: 2 days + 2 days + 2 days + 6 x 60-minute group Supervision Calls
– Asynchronous (self-paced) study assignments: minimum 12 self-study hours including coaching practice assignments
140-page Coaching Foundations & Skills Manual
Group Mentor Coaching:
 7.5 hours (5 x 90-minute sessions). Please note that individual (1:1) mentor coaching is not included

Online Delivery:

For  details of the structure of our online coach certification programme, see our distance learning coach certification pathway.

document icon See Syllabus Information for the content outline and number of synchronous and asynchronous training hours.

Please visit Coaching for Performance, Level 1 and Coaching for Performance, Level 2 for more details on course content and structure and delivery dates.

Mentor Coaching Package

ACC Portfolio applicants are required to be coached on their coaching skills for a minimum of 10 hours (3 hours must be 1:1 sessions) over a minimum of 3 months by an ICF qualified Mentor Coach. We offer a Mentor Coaching Package of 9 hours of group mentor coaching. The calls are organized so one or two of the ICF Core Competencies are focused upon in each session. There will be opportunities to discuss each competency, consider what it means and its importance as a coach and share how or when you’ve put it into play. The second half of each call will involve coaching so that all participants have an opportunity to be coach and coachee across the full series of calls and receive feedback from peers and the Mentor Coach.

Please note, the 3 hours of 1:1 mentor coaching required by the ICF are not included in the Mentor Coaching Package. You may opt to book these with one of our highly experienced coaches or you can find an ICF certified coach locally to work face to face.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for Coaching for Performance: Coach Certification Pathway.

Coach Certification

Our Coaching for Performance: Coach Certification Pathway offers a unique opportunity for you to develop authentic and powerful coaching skills that integrate performance and purpose, and gain an internationally recognized business coaching credential that will give you credibility around the world. On successfully completing all the course requirements you will receive a Certificate of Professional Development (CPD) noting the hours you have completed.

Applications for Coach Certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF): ACC via the ACSTH Path

Approved Coach Specific Training

Our curriculum is aligned with the ICF professional coaching certification process. The 63 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours fulfil the coach-specific training hours required for an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) application (participants need to apply to the ICF via the ACSTH path) and contribute towards the hours required for Professional Certified Coach (PCC) or Master Certified Coach (MCC) (applications via the Portfolio path).

Please see our Coaching Qualifications and Coach Certification page for details of the complete certification requirements.

“Many thanks to the great people at Performance Consultants International who helped me to gain my ACC credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am really proud to have been trained by your company.”
Judit Hardaut ACC (Associate Certified Coach), Coach & Trainer, Smart Way (Romania)

Fees – Public Course
In-person: £4,395 + VAT (a saving of £450 compared to booking Level 1 and Level 2 separately) plus £450 + VAT if Mentor Coaching Package booked at the same time (a saving of £450 compared to booking Mentor Coaching Package separately)

Distance Learning (Online): Please see the Distance Learning page for pricing

Please note, to apply for any ICF Credential, there will be an an additional fee payable to the ICF.

Order an In-house Coach Certification Programme

We can deliver off-the-shelf coaching skills training for managers in-house, or we can design and tailor a programme to meet your organization’s exact requirements.

Booking and Enquiries
To book a place on the public course, please register now online. For course enquiries or to discuss how we can support the specific coach certification needs of your managers, leaders and organization, please email or call +44 (0)20 7373 6431.