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Research from MIT shows that the intelligence of diverse teams outstrips the intelligence of any one member and that the more women in the team the smarter the team. Why? Their higher ‘social intelligence’ (a tendency to link, to include, to be curious, to care) encourages the whole team to achieve higher performance.

How can women bring more of this way of behaving to the teams and organizations they lead? It is about authenticity and the courage it takes to change the rules of the game. When we discover our authentic voice – bringing together masculine and feminine principles within ourselves to truly work together collaboratively – organizations and individuals will benefit.

We are now living in what has been described as a VUCA world: volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous. We need to support women leaders to learn the ‘rules of the game’, to survive and thrive in the world as it is today (working as they usually do within organizations created and dominated by men). We also need to encourage women to recognize their particular gifts – the contribution of the feminine principle – and utilize these to change the rules of the game itself.

Who will Benefit?

This programme is designed for those who coach women executives, who work with women and for women in leadership positions.

Programme Themes

The programme will consider the external challenges for today’s leaders and focus on the internal ‘drivers’ and ‘blockers’ to women’s success as leaders.

  • How to survive and thrive as leaders within the current systems
  • Strengthening women’s vision and their contribution to leadership
  • Developing new models of leading
  • The Cup and Sword – balancing the dynamics ‘Love’ and ‘Will’
  • Multiple selves – cultivating our Female Warrior’
  • The Inner Game and the outer game
  • Understanding power and authority: assertiveness vs aggression
  • Values – our compass
  • The Crucible – new ways of working with difficulties, crises and failure
  • Dynamic Circle Leadership Model – leading, collaborating, following
  • Emotional intelligence: decision making and managing stress
  • Communication: speaking powerfully, questioning effectively, listening for potential, feeding back to feed forward
  • Managing conflict
  • Transition and change
Fees – Public Course
£595 + VAT Early Bird Rate
Booking and Enquiries
To book a place on the public course, please register now online. For course enquiries or to discuss how we can support the specific training needs of your managers, leaders and organization, please email info@performanceconsultants.com or call +44 (0)20 3903 0011.