e-Learning Coaching Training for All Employees

Online Courses Deliver Key Organizational Objectives

Research shows that developing coaching expertise increases employees’ skills and competencies and has a long-lasting systemic impact on talent retention and the bottom line. To date, the challenge for organizations has been how to spread fundamental coaching skills beyond leaders and managers who typically attend in-person workshops. Performance Consultants created e-Learning Coaching Training so that companies can expand access to learning and provide cost-effective training throughout the organization. Read More

What is Coaching?

The ABC of Coaching: A Video, Essay and Glossary of Coaching Terms

Performance Consultants pioneered coaching in business over 30 years ago and continues to lead the field globally. Our Founder Sir John Whitmore and his colleagues were the first to take coaching into the workplace and coined the term “performance coaching” in the early 1980s. Executive, business, career, personal and other types of coaching are all built on the principles of performance coaching.

This short video asks “What is coaching?” and explains how it works and how it might have started. The video is followed by a more detailed introduction to coaching and a Glossary of Coaching Terms taken from our Coaching Foundations & Skills Manual for Coaching for Performance, Level 1 and Level 2. Read More

Coaching Leadership Style v. Traditional Management | Video

Sir John Whitmore demonstrates Coaching versus Instruction

As an organization that delivers coaching leadership programmes for organizations globally, we are frequently asked by leaders at all levels how they can bring the best out in their people and themselves. In our all-time favourite video Sir John Whitmore, Founder of Performance Consultants and co-creator of the GROW Model, demonstrates the benefits that a coaching leadership style has versus the traditional “I’m the expert” instructional approach.
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Sir John Whitmore on Leadership Development | Video

“Coaching is much bigger than coaching…
Anyone who is going to be an effective leader
in the world today needs to do so in a coaching style.”

Sir John Whitmore, Founder, Performance Consultants

A coaching leadership style is widely being sought out by companies moving away from a command and control leadership approach to one that empowers and facilitates. Read More