Transformational leadership and management are at the heart of Performance Consultants’ philosophy. Our vision is of a world in which all life matters: sustainability is at the core of what we do. Our intention is to be a force for good, creating transformational leadership and whole system transformation. Organizations have previously existed primarily to create profit but now their remit is being widened by employees who want to find fulfilment and purpose in their work and a society which demands that companies act with integrity. Meeting these demands requires transformational leaders at the top who are able to help their teams develop and rise to new challenges rather than leaders who solely help their teams at the technical level.

What We Offer

We offer development and training for leaders, managers and people at all levels in organizations to help them fulfil their potential and become transformational leaders so that they, in turn, will improve your company’s performance while also flourishing in their role. Transformational leadership and management is the catalyst for corporate transformation and investing in people development and coaching skills will achieve this and create multiple wins:

  • for employees who gain the resources to be able to fulfil their potential through their work, evolve through challenges, and bring their passion to work;
  • for companies who benefit from their employees bringing their full potential and passion to work, and from their managers who through their transformational leadership skills enable others to collectively evolve and flourish in response to challenges;
  • for stakeholders who are part of a company that both gets results and evolves through the challenges, therefore staying on the cutting edge of its industry;
  • for the planet which benefits from companies being more aware and responsible and therefore taking responsibility for their impact on future generations.

To this end, we have made it our mission to facilitate whole system transformation that has transformational leadership at its heart and enables the necessary reframing of our private, organizational and public lives. Through our work we seek to facilitate an underlying shift in root perspective and development in consciousness by growing people, performance and purpose.

  • Coaching Training – public and in-house (off-the-shelf or tailored) programmes for managers, leaders and internal and external coaches
  • Leadership Development – public and in-house (off-the-shelf or tailored) programmes for authentic leadership and meaningful transformation
  • Individual Coaching (1:1) – tailored, fast-track professional development for leaders and senior executives
  • Team Development – raising team spirit, maximizing performance and ensuring long-term effectiveness