Global Public Workshops

We run public workshops around the world. For dates and locations see our Global Training Diary


Coaching for Performance

Our 2-day Coaching for Performance (Foundation) workshop is the industry gold-standard manager training, with outstanding results. Built on the pioneering work of our Global Management Team and Founder Sir John Whitmore (bestselling author of Coaching for Performance) and our three decades of experience delivering solutions to organizations, the training provides cutting-edge management development through interactive, experiential (not theoretical), and accelerated learning techniques. The focus is on real-life examples (not role play), “learning by doing” and insightful feedback. It can provide the perfect catalyst to initiate a coaching culture across an organization.

Options: in-house | e-Learning | public

Case study: IKEA

Coaching for Engagement

Measuring employee engagement is key to assessing how well an organization is doing at enabling its people to do their job. It is a litmus test for management ability: the higher the employee engagement, the greater the increase in business outcomes, including profit. The cornerstones of coaching are learning, performance and enjoyment. As these increase, so will employee engagement. Coaching for Engagement is a 2-day workshop designed to incorporate each area of employee engagement and give the skills needed to create engagement. It can be tailored according to management strengths and weaknesses identified by an organization’s Employee Engagement Surveys.

Options: in-house | e-Learning

Case study: MasterCard

Coaching for Safety Performance

One of our areas of specialization is in developing higher safety standards in high-reliability environments. Creating “learning organizations” where people can learn from their mistakes without being judged is key to improving safety in the workplace and decreasing injury and illness. Safety coaching creates an environment of trust and ownership and leads to long-term success. Coaching for Safety Performance is a 2-day workshop for leaders and eLearning modules (English, Chinese, French, German, Russian) for managers and supervisors. It builds on the coaching principle that increased awareness leads to increased responsibility which leads to continuous improvements and a sustainable learning environment.

Options: in-house | e-Learning

Case study: Linde Engineering

Coaching for Lean Performance

The core principle of Lean is continuous improvement. This is in perfect alignment with one of coaching’s cornerstones – learning. In Lean, the process for achieving this continuous improvement is through gaining awareness of what is/isn’t working; using the individuals and teams within the direct production area as experts; and identifying ways to build further on strengths and improves areas of weakness. Coaching for Lean Performance is a 2-day workshop for leaders and managers of Lean implementation. Focused on raising awareness and responsibility using a sequence such as the GROW Model, it enables individuals and teams to find and implement their own solutions.

Options: in-house | e-Learning

Case study: Medtronic

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FOCUS Training | Webinars, Webcasts, Podcasts

Organizations increasingly need to implement just-in-time training to address short-term challenges – without losing sight of the medium- and long-term strategy. FOCUS is a new management training tool designed specifically to address the most pressing issues and challenges of any number of managers in every location. A typical FOCUS training package includes live training webinars which are then condensed into an on-demand webcast. The learning is extended with podcasts of workplace demonstrations and supported by an electronic managers’ reference guide. FOCUS helps our clients to stay ahead of the field by using a coaching approach to solve pressing problems immediately.

Options: in-house (virtual)

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Coaching for Performance: Leadership Programme

We develop powerful and authentic leadership which integrates performance and purpose. Our cutting-edge leadership training combines three 2-day workshops with 1:1 coaching support. It is a blended learning pathway designed specifically to develop a coaching style of leadership. Participants describe it as being like a tailor-made leadership development programme. Deep learning and long-term behaviour change are supported through a blend of techniques including 6 days of face-to-face training (delivered in person, around the globe), individual coaching sessions and online e-Learning. The journey begins with a leadership impact assessment and ends with an evaluation session and ROI report.

Options: in-house | public
Case study: Nando’s

Transformational Leadership

Transformation Skills for Leaders and Coaches is a 3-day intermediate to advanced programme. It introduces transformational leadership and advanced coaching skills by developing excellence and maximum performance through personal and practical reflection. It focuses on mastering the mind and developing emotional and social intelligence. Championed the world over by leaders and change agents who have experienced it, the public course forms Module 1 of Coaching for Performance, Level 3, but can be taken as a stand-alone. The programme can be customized for in-house delivery.

Options: public (or in-house)

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Tailored Team Development | Group Coaching

Our expert, certified practitioners tailor and deliver team development programmes that combine proven diagnostic tools and the latest thinking on working with organizational systems. Being able to draw on a range of statistically validated and proven tools enables us to assess the team’s needs and apply the most effective solution for maximum benefit. Accurate mapping of the team’s current dynamics and operating status shapes the design of a programme tailored to meet each team’s specific requirements. Our group coaching approach creates highly motivated, empowered teams.

Option: in-person

Case study: European Patent Office (EPO)

Individual Development | One-to-one Coaching

Our executive coaching sessions are delivered face-to-face, via telephone or a mixture of both. We work collaboratively to ensure each client’s needs and objectives are understood before matching them with a coach aligned with their values and with whom they feel comfortable. An initial evaluation sets benchmarks prior to coaching. A final evaluation session provides details on development and return on investment (ROI). We provide regular update reports on coaching progress and status, including trends, progress and recommendations, and respecting the confidentiality of the coaching.

Options: in-person | via telephone

Case study: easyJet

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Train the Trainer (TTT)

We work with companies to build and develop an in-house group of coach trainers to spread the benefits of coaching through the organization. We work with clients worldwide to tailor coaching programmes as well as equip in-house trainers with the necessary coach facilitation skills and coaching competence to deliver them successfully. Once your trainers have successfully completed a train the trainer (TTT) programme, they will achieve accreditation as an approved Performance Consultants coach trainer able to roll out coach-training workshops internally. The accreditation criteria, standards and ethics of our TTT programmes are aligned with those of independent coaching body, the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Option: in-house

Case studies: IKEA | International Personal Finance

Qualifications and Certification

Depending on training and coaching experience hours, we award the following corporate qualifications:

  • Certificate of Professional Development
  • Performance Coach Manager
  • Performance Coach Leader
  • Performance Corporate Coach

For professional coach certification, Coaching for Performance: Coach Certification Pathway is ICF approved. The hours can be included when applying for:

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Options: in-person workshops | online virtual classes

More about certification …

Intermediate Coach Training

Coaching for Performance, Level 2 is a concentrated intermediate-level coaching training that builds on the skills developed in Level 1. Level 2 is all about coaching “below the waterline” at the level of mindsets, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and power sources which make up our Inner Reality and which drive our Outer Reality (our behaviours, habits, actions, and language). Level 2 illustrates this through the Iceberg Coaching Model. We look at the neuroscience of change and overcoming the internal barriers to performance. Focus is also placed on designing the relationship with your coachee and managing progress and accountability.

Options: public (or in-house)

Advanced Coach Training

Coaching for Performance, Level 3 is a series of advanced coaching workshops from the global leaders in transformational coaching and leadership development. Honing and re-visiting International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies, the workshops explore inner leadership, self-mastery, authenticity and whole systems transformation, enabling experienced coaches to achieve sustained excellence and maximum performance. The training is for coaches who want to coach at the next level; learn or revisit transformational coaching tools; fulfil continuing coach education requirements; or pursue advanced certification.

Options: public (or in-house)

Public Levels 1, 2 & 3 Overview

Coaching for Performance is the industry gold standard business coach training for leaders, managers and coaches of organizations. The three-level public programme is aligned with ICF professional credential requirements… read more

Mentor Coaching Package

For those seeking a professional coaching credential. You receive coaching on your coaching skills in preparation for certification as a coach, rather than coaching on work goals, personal elements, life balance or other topics unrelated to the development of your coaching skill.

Option: via telephone

Measurement and Evaluation

Evaluating impacts of training, coaching or culture change initiative is a specialized area. Our Consultants will customize an evaluation process that leads to meaningful results for your business… read more

Virtual Learning

Our e-Learning platform allows clients to find key resources, lessons, tools and information quickly and easily. Online coach training offers flexibility and significant savings on in-person courses… read more

Global Public Workshops

We run a range of public-access coach training and leadership development workshops for people of all levels around the globe. For public workshops, dates and locations see our Global Training Diary

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