Raising team performance through team coaching
Business benefits of team development

Changing elements of your workplace culture isn’t an easy task and it can be a lengthy, difficult process, with no real light at the end of the tunnel. We can help deliver that change quickly, efficiently, through the whole organization – and embed the new culture thoroughly.

From our long experience of working with organizations around the world, we know how important it is to integrate workplace culture with strategy and leadership in order to unleash competitive advantage. And this competitive advantage comes from aligning strategy with operations top-down, and empowering and emboldening your employees to grow and develop.

We specialize in helping our clients create new cultures, specifically coaching cultures. Our gold-standard coaching training programme Coaching for Performance is based on Sir John Whitmore’s bestselling coaching book Coaching for Performance. Translated into more than 20 languages, the book serves multinationals the world over, inspiring managers to manage in a coaching style and leaders to create a coaching culture.

Performance Consultants focus on human potential in organizations to drive performance, productivity and successful coaching culture through:

We help individuals focus on current and future achievements in a way that builds their awareness of their strengths, establishes personal responsibility, and results in lasting behaviour change that impacts the bottom-line quickly and measurably.

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Raising Team Performance Through Team Coaching

Team coaching is the cutting-edge performance-raising tool for team development. It can be used both for already high-performing teams and for teams who function less effectively. Team coaching is when two Team Coaches work with an entire team at one time over a couple of days to facilitate their development. Team coaching is similar to the way in which an Executive Coach works with an individual client in one-to-one coaching but focuses on group development rather than individual development.

Teams today are faced with an array of opportunities and challenges that they are not naturally equipped to deal with. Performance Consultants’ team development programmes facilitate the creation and on-going growth of high-performing, multi-disciplinary teams, including senior management level and those who work virtually.

Team coaching and tailored training interventions help clients build upon the existing team dynamic and develop communication skills to overcome key challenges:

  • virtual teams operate from multiple locations around the world and yet still need to function effectively as cohesive units;
  • team performance is constantly impacted by environments of fast growth and multiple change processes;
  • a team’s ability to achieve results is often linked into their ability to leverage their intercultural diversity and intelligence.

Business Benefits of Team Development

As the industry leader in delivering performance improvement solutions globally, Performance Consultants provides a unique blend of capabilities and integrated leadership and coaching offerings for organizations. Our team development programmes create:

  • highly motivated and empowered teams who can “do more, with less”;
  • improved communication leading to more positive and productive team relationships;
  • an enhanced ability to create and implement successful change processes;
  • growth in intercultural competence within the team which minimizes conflict;
  • retention of key talent.