What qualities do we ask of a 21st century corporate leader? They should transform the way employees think and feel, how they behave and respond to challenges, expand their team members’ potential, raise accountability and create powerful shifts in corporate perspective, performance and possibility. And we ask all of this, alongside the need for leaders to show courage and adaptability within a changing business landscape that requires rapid responses to global challenges.

To achieve this, leaders need to be outstanding individuals who are able to inspire and harness the energy of their people. Performance Consultants’ transformational leadership programme offers opportunities to develop inspirational leaders for today – and shape the next generation of leaders.

As people transform so do organizations. The application of these concepts and skills to real-life situations – including current personal and professional challenges – prepares leaders for a top-down organizational shift. We focus on building “conscious leadership” through interaction tools, techniques and skills, and the experience and understanding of the concepts that empower people to transform their own quality of life.

We can deliver off-the-shelf leadership development and leadership transformation programmes, or one of our world-class leadership development consultants can work with you to create a tailored programme that meets your specific needs.

If you would like to experience first-hand the potential benefits for your leaders of some of our off-the-shelf programmes, please see our Global Training Diary | Public Courses for a list of all our forthcoming open-enrolment leadership development workshops.

We can deliver 1:1 executive coaching for individual leaders, for the Board or for any group of leaders in any location – we work in 40 countries and in 23 languages. Above all, we would work closely with you to design the most appropriate length and format of coaching engagements to meet your organization’s requirements and objectives.