Sir John Whitmore demonstrates Coaching versus Instruction

As an organization that delivers coaching leadership programmes for organizations globally, we are frequently asked by leaders at all levels how they can bring the best out in their people and themselves. In our all-time favourite video Sir John Whitmore, Founder of Performance Consultants and co-creator of the GROW Model, demonstrates the benefits that a coaching leadership style has versus the traditional “I’m the expert” instructional approach.

Often referred to as the “Golf Video” because of the setting in which the coaching demonstration took place, the exercise was in fact part of a coaching skills training programme for business managers.

Sir John and his colleagues at Performance Consultants were the first to take coaching into the workplace and coined the term “Performance Coaching” in the early 1980s. We continue to lead the field in performance improvement through coaching leadership training. Our unique blend of capabilities and integrated services for individual, team and organizational development include:

  • Coaching Training – public and in-house (off-the-shelf or tailored) programmes for managers, leaders and internal and external coaches
  • Leadership Development – public and in-house (off-the-shelf or tailored) programmes for authentic leadership and meaningful transformation
  • Individual Coaching (1:1) – tailored, fast-track professional development for leaders and senior executives
  • Team Development – raising team spirit, maximizing performance and ensuring long-term effectiveness

We hope you enjoy the video. It quickly demonstrates the benefits of a coaching leadership style versus a traditional management style and shows just how easy it is to inspire others and gain immediate performance improvement by asking powerful questions.

Coaching Leadership Style in Action

To discover more about coaching or Sir John Whitmore’s views on leadership development, find more videos here.

How We Work With Organizations

We can deliver off-the-shelf leadership development and leadership transformation programmes. Coaching for Performance: Leadership Programme offers a blended approach to developing a coaching leadership style by combining facilitator-led training and one-to-one coaching. Or one of our world-class leadership development consultants can work with you to create a tailored programme that meets your specific needs. If you would like to experience first hand the potential benefits for your leaders of some of our off-the-shelf programmes, please see our Global Training Diary | Public Courses for a list of all our forthcoming open-enrolment leadership development programmes.benefits to performance, and ultimately to the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet