“Unequivocally the best training I have experienced in my entire 40 year career! Every person who is a people leader should go through this. One of the key differentiators about the leadership program is the model and how it is designed for sustainability – when I saw that model I thought ‘oh wow!’ This course makes sure skills are retained and sustained.”
Course participant, Corporate HR Manager, International Manufacturing Company

Leaders are not usually looking to become coaches but by developing a “coaching leadership style” they can unleash potential in their organization. Coaching for Performance: Leadership Program is the industry gold standard coaching training for authentic leadership and outstanding results in organizations. We can show an average 800% return on investment (ROI) for our clients.

800% Return on Investment (ROI)

As each participant completes the leadership program we compile a qualitative and quantitative ROI report that links the investment made to the bottom line impact enabling the individual and the organization to truly see the performance improvement. Using our unique Coaching for Performance ROI, we can show a clear before and after picture and calculate an average 800% for our clients.

What leaders at one multinational client said after completing the leadership program:*

“This is a coaching program like no other”
“The skills I learnt in this program and the development I have gone through are essential to my success as a leader”
“Through the program, I now realize I have the dream job: to develop my people on an everyday basis”

* This client sees it as such a competitive advantage that they wish to remain anonymous

Who Will Benefit?

The training offers a unique leadership journey for deep learning and long-term behavior change. It develops a powerful and authentic coaching leadership style in organizations which integrates performance and purpose. It is especially suitable for leaders who want to develop a new approach to leadership that will take their leadership skills to a higher level:

  • develop as an individual and as a leader
  • inspire high performance
  • create strong relationships
  • gain clarity and big picture thinking
  • spearhead organizational change

Program Content and Structure

The leadership program takes a cutting-edge approach to leadership training. Participants describe it as being like tailor-made leadership development that facilitates extraordinary results for them and their organization. The blended learning pathway includes:

  • initial leadership impact assessment
  • in-person experiential training (3 x 2-day workshops)
  • on-the-job application (practical assignments)
  • virtual training (2 x 1-hour workshops)
  • one-to-one coaching sessions (6 x 1-hour calls)
  • final individual evaluation session (1 x 1-hour call)
  • ROI report

Coaching for Performance Leadership Program Roadmap

Facilitator-led Training

Three in-person workshops and two virtual workshops begin the journey to leadership transformation. Real practice (not role play), observation, and feedback throughout the training provides the opportunity to develop more advanced coaching leadership skills.

Module 1 | Coaching for Performance

The first training module introduces the fundamental coaching principles and skills that are essential to high-performance leadership. This 2-day foundation workshop develops key emotional intelligence competencies, presents a powerful approach to performance feedback, and gives leaders a taste of the true power of coaching within organizations. They will develop valuable new skills, tools, and behaviors that are the basis for creating motivation and success in their organization. With an experiential focus on coaching practice and feedback from experienced trainers, the workshop is tailored to organizational needs and gives an insight into how to facilitate high performance in individuals and teams.

Module 2 | High-performance Leadership

The second training module builds on the first module’s foundations by developing and enhancing coaching leadership skills and exploring the change process from a deeper level. The emphasis of this 2-day workshop is on transformational versus transactional coaching leadership, emphasizing strengths, reducing internal interferences, and empowering people. It shows leaders how to build trust and strong relationships and how to connect “below the waterline” at the level of mindsets, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and power sources which make up our inner reality and which drive our outer reality (our behaviors, habits, actions, and language). They explore inner leadership and learn to create a meaningful journey for self and others that will increase learning, enjoyment, and accountability.

Module 3 | Transformational Leadership

The third training module cements a strong facilitative leadership style that encompasses effective communication, innovation, quick decision-making, and the vision to inspire high performance and lasting behavior change. This 2-day workshop develops a Personal Leadership Vision, explores the neuroscience of human change and its application within business, and introduces advanced coaching competencies to help develop transformative leadership that creates sustained excellence and maximum performance.

Individual Coaching

To deepen the learning and create lasting behavioral change that will ensure long-term success for the program, leaders receive one-to-one coaching from one of the world’s best executive coaches. The individual coaching sessions focus on developing and strengthening the skills learnt in the workshops and embedding them into daily leadership. Our worldwide team of highly qualified and experienced coaches are rigorously selected to meet our high standards both in coaching practice and in business experience. Our coaches have a combination of recognized coaching qualifications, advanced academic degrees, and senior-level corporate backgrounds.

Evaluation and Return on Investment (ROI)

Over 10 years ago, Performance Consultants developed an evaluation tool called Coaching for Performance ROI to measure the impact of behavior changes on the bottom line. When we share it with clients, we repeatedly hear a collective sigh of relief because they haven’t seen anything like it before. We are consistently able to show an average ROI of 800%. Our unique evaluation system is based on adult learning theory; the process of actually doing the evaluation raises awareness of the work done and achievements made. This further aids sustainability of behavior change and awareness of leadership impact. The methodology is entirely facilitative and respectful of confidentiality and is fully in line with the principles of coaching.

Accelerated Learning Techniques: The “Wow Factor”

Our training provides cutting-edge coaching leadership development that requires specialized facilitation skills and expertise, consolidated by authentic coaching behaviors. The style is experiential (not theoretical), highly interactive, and takes advantage of Accelerated Learning Techniques and Adult Learning Theory. Throughout, the learning focus is on practical application and “learning by doing”. Most senior leaders are weary of attending training programs. Our world-class coaching leadership training always engages and enthuses participants, and delivers the “wow factor”. Participants of Coaching for Performance: Leadership Program are inspired and energized by the learning and enjoyment the program delivers.

Leadership Program Options

  • PUBLIC: We deliver public-access leadership and coaching training globally (see Global Training Diary (Public Courses)) to groups of senior-level, international peers
  • IN-HOUSE: We can deliver this leadership program for your organization at your chosen venues, worldwide
  • BESPOKE OR OFF THE SHELF: We can tailor the leadership program perfectly to fit your organization’s unique requirements and strategic objectives
  • MULTI-CULTURAL & MULTI-LINGUAL: Our world-class trainers and materials are available for delivery globally
  • TRAIN THE TRAINER (TTT): We can equip your in-house trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver this training
  • ONLINE: Our 1-year distance learning coach certification pathway includes synchronous (live) online training, asynchronous lessons, coaching demos, exercises, and other study aids and mentor coaching
  • E-LEARNING: Our e-Learning system is integral to our public and online coach training and is also available as a resource and support for our in-house leadership development programs
  • CERTIFICATION: On successful completion of the program, participants will receive a Certificate of Professional Development (CPD) noting the hours completed and the number of hours that are ICF aligned coach-specific training hours. Participants will be able to apply for a coaching leadership credential.
Booking and Inquiries
To order an in-house program, or to discuss how we can support the specific training needs of your leaders, managers, and organization, please email info@performanceconsultants.com or call +44 (0)20 3903 0011.